Whether it is a complete restoration of a historic building or specific repairs, we can provide you with a thorough expert analysis of your property from one of our in-house Preservationists. Once the project is established, your project would then be in the care of our world class Craftsmen.

Our craftsmen take pride in restoring historic structures correctly and beautifully. You can count on us to work as part of a team with the client, architect and other trade professionals to get the job done on time, ensuring it will last for generations to come.

Assessment & Consulting

Our team of knowledgeable historic preservationists offers the ability to create many documents that can aid in the continued preservation of your structure. These include preservation plans, Condition Assessments, Restoration Priority lists and even material and method specifications.

We have completed over 60 different historic restoration projects. Check out our list of projects below! 

  1. Sutton County Court House in Sonora, TX. 1880’s door, interior trim and door hardware restoration.
  2. Kendalia Community Church in Kendalia, TX.  Door replacement with 1880’s period door and restoration of original hardware.
  3. Barbara Ray in Zavala Texas.  Restoration of 1850’s dog trot and historic restoration of siding on 1880’s board and bat home. 
  4. Waring General Store in Waring, TX.  Historic 1900 door and hardware restoration.
  5. Ed Patton in Waring, TX.  Complete Interior Restoration of 1930’s home.
  6. Betty Hales in New Braunfels, TX.  Interior Room Restoration of 1930’s home.
  7. Abby Catrell in Waring TX.  Complete Exterior Restoration of 1850’s home as well as Restoration of 1st story floor beams/cellar ceiling beams.
  8. Carol Stevens in New Braunfels, TX.  Restoration of 1940’s Kitchen and Bath.
  9. Dan Benjamin in Bulverde, TX.  1950’s exterior siding restoration.
  10. Lori Stephen in Baltimore Maryland.  Partial exterior restoration as well as 2nd and 3rd story restoration of 1850’s home.
  11. Bob Evans in Comfort, TX.  Interior kitchen bath and bedroom restoration of 1850’s home.
  12. Gordon Green in Comfort, TX.  Interior restoration of 2 1940’s homes.
  13. Andy and Liz Jamison in Comfort, TX.  Partial interior and exterior restoration of 1920’s home.
  14. Lisa Fountain in New Braunfels, TX.  Partial exterior and interior restoration of 1930’s home.  
  15. Troy Doe in Longmont, CO.  Partial exterior and interior restoration of 1930’s home.
  16. Texas Hogg Hunting LTD. In Pearsall, TX.  Interior build out of hunting lodge using reclaimed 1880’s long leaf pine and period doors and hardware. Also relocated and reassembled 2 1800’s era log cabins from east Texas. 
  17. Mike Reamer in Kansas City, KS. Early 1900’s 3rd story interior restoration.
  18. Mesquite road in Wallis, TX.  Interior build out of home using reclaimed 1880’s long leaf pine to include building of cabinets from reclaimed materials.
  19. 124 Moonlite Ridge in Bergheim, TX.  Interior build out using reclaimed 1880’s bead board, 1920’s plumbing fixtures, 1930’s lighting, 1918 cabinets, and kitchen appliances from the 1940’s and 1950’s.
  20. At least 3 Antique shops in Wallis TX.  Partial interior restoration of turn of the 1900’s buildings.  Work performed in early to mid 1980’s and their names escape me.
  21. Red Dog Saloon in Fayetteville, NC.  Exterior restoration of Owners 1920’s Home.
  22. Brian Kenny in St. Paul, MN.  Restoration of Bay Window of 1930’s home.
  23. Heights Christian Investor in Houston, TX.  Complete interior and partial exterior Restoration of early 1900’s home.
  24. Thomas Loesen in Kendal County TX.  Interior Restoration and partial exterior         
  25. Restoration of 1880’s farmhouse and complete restoration of stone well house and cistern.
  26. Glen Wallis in Comfort, TX.  Restoration of 2 windows of 1920’s home.
  27. John Karger in Comfort, TX.  Partial interior and exterior restoration of late 1800’s home.
  28. John Saur of New Braunfels, TX.  Partial interior and partial exterior of late 1800’s farm house to include hand trowel texture to match style used in “1st Protestant Church” of New Braunfels.
  29. Joe Clark Home in Bentonville, AR.  Complete interior and exterior renovation of 1920’s home to include 2nd story addition. 
  30. Main Street Builders 7th Street home in Bentonville, AR.  Complete Interior and Exterior renovation of 2 story 1889 home.
  31. Michael Coglin in Bentonville, AR.  Roof, bedroom, and Kitchen remodel of 1920’s home.
  32. Hall family home in Bentonville, AR.  Exterior and Interior remodeling.
  33. 109 N. Main ST. Bentonville, AR.  Interior and Exterior restoration and repair of 1870’s historic commercial building next door to museum of Sam Walton’s original 5 and dime. 
  34. 110 and 112 SE A. St. Bentonville, AR. Restaurant conversion of 70×48 building originally used as Sam Walton’s first Distribution center in the 1960’s.
  35. Kirk Guilanshah Comfort Texas historic 1880’s Ranch.  Period repairs and renovations to main house, barns, and various out buildings.
  36. Mike and Mary Morton 204 W. San Antonio, Borne, TX Period repairs to two 1930’s homes.
  37. Bill and Jane James Kendalia Texas.  Historic repairs to 1880’s ranch house.
  38. Jack Krueger 1920’s commercial building.  Historic condo period repairs.
  39. Camp Alzafar Shriner camp in Kendal county Texas. Historic period repairs and renovations to many of the 1930’s cabins.
  40. Ron Hicks.  1950’s period repairs to his church friend’s home.  Power Home Restoration served as a Sub Contractor. 
  41. Diane Hugh’s Home in Boerne, TX.  Re-glaze and paint historic 1920’s windows.
  42. High Hill Ranch in Comfort, TX.  Period repairs to many buildings on 1920’s resort ranch.
  43. Richard and Patsy Cope, Wimberly TX.  Period repairs to 1940’s home.
  44. Comfort ISD.  Period repairs and painting throughout various 1920’s to 1940’s school buildings.
  45. Larry Pazzinni.  Period repairs to 1930’s home.
  46. The Texas Bistro, Comfort TX.  Period repairs to late 1800’s Post office building now a restaurant.
  47. The Old 1891 Laughlin House owned By Jen and Don Wallace, Bentonville, AR.  Exterior repairs to include Stain glass window trim and Bay Window dormer trim.
  48. 209 SE A ST. Bentonville, AR. Office conversion and exterior repairs to 1897 building.
  49. 404 SW B ST Bentonville, AR.  Complete Restoration/Remodel of late 1800’s home. 
  50. Papadeaux’s Restaurant in Beaumont, TX. Interior trim, doors and hardware installation from reclaimed antique materials.
  51. 504 6th St. Comfort, TX. Pierce Insurance. 1903 building. Various historic trim and door repairs using period materials.
  52. Old Wallis Hotel, Wallis TX. Restoration of a few historic windows and siding on late 1800’s building previously the old hotel by the train track.
  53. 533 E. Blanco, Boerne, TX.  Addition of fluted door trim, crown molding and rose trellis of 1920’s home.
  54. 303 Second Street, Comfort, TX.  Rebuild damages historic window sashes and replace broken panes.
  55. 309 Second Street, Comfort, TX. Replace oval glass and trim in Historic front door and historic cabinet.  Repair damaged window sash and replace pane.
  56. Original Ralph Fair late 1800’s ranch House, Fair Oaks Ranch, TX. Interior trim repair, Installation of plantation shutters, and deco-tile work around glass block window in master shower.
  57. Pierce Late 1800’s Cypress Creek cottage house, Comfort, TX. Repaired exterior doors.
  58. Re-construct and salvage 2 historic exterior doors at the Edmondson Historic early 1900’s cypress creek front wilderness cottage in Comfort TX.
  59. 90 percent interior and 50% exterior repairs to early 1900’s Cockrell home at 330 E. Rainey St., Mason, Texas 76856. 
  60. Repair historic doors and door hardware on 1910 Sears Kit house at 13656 FM Bend TX. 
  61. Restore historic bead board wall boards and long leaf pine floorboards at 17 Old Fredericksburg rd. Boerne, Texas